Exercise can often seem like it has to be long, boring and complicated to work. Will power and enthusiasm can carry you through a few weeks of inconvenient or unpleasant workouts but, eventually, most people will drop out of exercise if it’s too time consuming or boring.

However, I believe you can get great results in much less time and have devised a unique training system designed to get the body you want. With my system you will…


 1. Lose fat

 2. Build muscle

 3. Tone up

 4. Get fit

 5. Have fun!


My approach to fast, fun exercise utilizes several time-tested and proven methods…


  • Full-body circuit training workouts that help firm, tone and define

  • A combination of different types of exercise to make the workouts varied and fun

  • High intensity interval training that cranks up your metabolism

  • Plyometric exercises to improve athleticism

  • Efficient exercises that are a full-body workout

  • Scaled workouts to cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers

So, forget long, unproductive, tedious workouts and take my 8-week guide exercise system for a spin!

8 Week Beginner Toning Guide